Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Sr Elementary

Staff Directory

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Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Hurlbert , Shelly Educational Program Assistant
After school program, Excel Program %0% EPA & Excel 902-876-3227
Brooks, Derrick African Nova Scotia Student Support Staff 902-876-3230
Cafeteria, Cafeteria Cafeteria 902-876-3852
Downie , Trudie Educational Program Assistant
EagleSpeaker, Jennie Schools Plus; Child and Youth Care Practitioner 902-876-3230
Gosney, Andrew 40% Guidance
Hughes , Joyce Educational Program Assistant
Landry, Carolyn Guidance Counsellor BLT/5 Bridges Website
Leslie, Ian Educational Program Assistant
Logan, Amanda Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-233-4253
Slaunwhite, Brandon Caretaker 902-876-3230
Smedley, Louise Library Specialist 902-876-4350
Smith, Jennifer Educational Program Assistant
Tremblay , Janice Educational Program Assistant
Zinck, Andrea School Social Worker 902-221-6690

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Aidoo, Victoria 10% Music
Andrade , Sebastian Grade 3/4 French Immersion
Aucoin-Titus , Nadine French Resource
Baril, Christine 5 French Immersion
Betts, Courtney Grade 2 French Immersion
Blandford, Stefanie 2 English
Cann, Cristina 2 English
Carrigan , Mike Physical Education
Daigle, Brooklyn 2 English
Eisenhauer, Caitlin 100% Learning Center Teacher
Ferguson, Jillian 4/5 French Immersion
Gray , Andrea Grade 3
Hanley-Keefe, Angela Grade 3
Heckman, Jacinta Grade 4
Hodder, John 50% Phys Ed
Huczel, Cali Grade 4 French Immersion
Kays, Samantha Grade 4 English
Lachapelle, Catherine Core French
MacDonald , Stacy Grade 5
MacInnis , Lenore Resource
McNamara, Mallory 100% Learning Centre Teacher
Murphy, Danielle Grade 4 English
Murray, Kelly 5 English
Notman, Taryn 2 French Immersion
O'Keefe, Jacqueline Gr 5 English 902-876-3230
Ogilvie, Kery-Ann 2/3 English
Pearson, Samantha 3/4 English
Pottier-Jones, Michelle Music
Sampson, Kristen Grade 3 french immersion
Sargent, Amy 2 English
Shillington, Caitlin 2/3 French Immersion
Stokes, Hilary Grade 3 french immersion
White, Victoria Learning Center Teacher


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Barter, Todd Principal 902-876-3230
BLT , Cafeteria Cafeteria 902-876-4319 Website
Butler, Jillian Administrative Assistant 902-876-3230
Quinn, Tracey Vice Principal 902-876-3230